Goddess Wisdom for Modern Women

Ancient wisdom for the present-day malaise

Illustration: Cat Finnie

At forty years old, I found myself recently divorced and recovering from a doomed love affair, which left me feeling anxious, depressed, and confused. My energy was off — way off. I thought to myself, “I don’t feel like a goddess.” Interestingly, those words came to mind because I hadn’t spent much time considering what it felt like to be a goddess until then. I now believe the goddess came back to me when I needed her the most. It was then that I decided I would start to act like a goddess.

I began to research goddesses from across history and cultures. I was thrilled to find that ancient wisdom still applies to modern-day scenarios like sex, divorce, money, parenting, and more. Goddess myths provided a framework for how to live our best lives. These essays are a collection of my writing and have led to my new book, The Goddess Solution.

A Goddess for Breaking Down Old Structures and Inviting the New

Kali helps us ask for what we want, honor our anger, and express our sexuality

A Goddess for Invoking Abundance and Finding Your Purpose

Unlocking happiness with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi

A Goddess for Invoking Beauty and Sexual Empowerment

Aphrodite helps us feel beautiful and honor our sexuality

A Goddess for Invoking Courage in Difficult Times

Cultivating confidence and skill with the Hindu goddess Durga

A Goddess for Cultivating Independence and Sisterhood

Artemis helps us overcome relationship anxiety and reconnect with our sisters

A Goddess for Fostering Kindness and Compassion

Green Tara reminds us to do our part to create a more loving world

A Goddess to Spark the Creative Flow

Tap into Saraswati’s energy to learn, create, and evolve

A Goddess for Giving and Receiving Love

Call forth Oshun’s energy for self-love and abundance

A Goddess to Promote Health and Longevity

Overcome destructive patterns with the help of White Tara

A Goddess to Invoke Erotic and Spiritual Desire

Connect with Lalita’s shakti to create bliss in your life

A Goddess for Freeing Yourself From Familial Expectations

Reclaim your independence with the help of Persephone and Demeter

A Goddess for Laughter and Wisdom

The goddess Baubo reminds us to laugh even when things suck

A Goddess to Ignite Justified Anger

Goddess Pele provides the energy to move forward when you feel powerless

If you enjoyed the collection, check out my new book, The Goddess Solution, published by HarperCollins.

The Goddess Solution
The Goddess Solution

What a beautiful book! Whether you are new to Goddess philosophy and practice or a long-time devotee, Lisa’s book is a must-have for every modern spirit-seeker’s bookshelf. I enjoyed the practicality, personal stories and simplicity of this offering.

Katie Silcox — NYT Best Selling Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy — Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Wisdom

Wishing you much love, light, and wisdom on your journey.

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